Soft Fall Rubber

Why choose soft fall rubber?

Soft fall rubber is now the preferred surface for playgrounds and play areas in several councils in Australia. As an alternative to traditional sand or grass surfaces under play equipment, around playgrounds and pools, soft fall rubber offers:

  • A better fall profile, lessening concussive injuries due to falls and accidents;
  • Better grip, further lessening falls and trips;
  • Less hidden dangers – where sand or grass, for example, may be able to hide sharp objects, discarded needles, etc;
  • Much easier maintenance – no mowing, no raking!

Endless applications and uses, such as:

  • Playground Soft Fall Rubber Surfacing – Used specifically for super efficient playground underlay installations. Astro Soft Fall Rubber is the popular choice by smart contractors looking for guaranteed surface compliance and installation savings.
  • Commercial and Industrial Flooring – Preformed and machined to the highest of standards, fall heights are guaranteed over the entire surface because of their construction.
  • General Matting – Due to its manufacture greatly reduces the risk of movement in the wear layer because of its uniform high density composition. Thus joins do not pull apart with time.
  • Fitness Flooring
  • Equine Surfacing
  • Impact Sound Insulation

Astro Synthetic Surfaces supply premium soft fall rubber products to AS/NZ 4422:1996 standards. With a variety of products to meet client’s requests.

We also manufacture cricket pitch covers

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