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Cova Rubba is the latest innovation in wetpour rubber surfacing specifically designed for schools, patios, aged care facilities and golf paths or wherever an outdoor protective surface is required. Cova Rubba is an intricate, close- knit, network of small EPDM or CSBR granules that form a less porous surface than conventional rubber wetpour, this reduces the chance of water and sun forming mildew and decreases drying time.

Cova Rubba can be applied in a thinner 10mm layer as opposed to the usual 15mm or 20mm playground surfaces, reducing cost while still retaining a soft, but firm, non-slip surface. Cova Rubba is available in several rich heritage colours and several light pastel colours which enables the surface area to remain at its lowest temperature possible to accommodate bare feet and gives a bright, attractive, modern finish. A specially developed range of bright U.V. resistant candy colours for features and cut-ins are also available. (Please note light colours may vary after installation due to some yellowing of aromatic binders). Traqua can be applied directly on new or old cracked concrete or pavers without the added expense of having them removed first, giving a fresh, rejuvenated look to a worn, outdoor living area.

The Cova Rubba system is specified with the use of Hardcure as the rubber crumb binder. Hardcure has been specially formulated to give the best elastic properties which are required for rubber wetpour surfacing and the cure times are set for the best range of atmospheric conditions to assist the applicator during installation


  • An intricate, close-knit network of small CSBR or EPDM granules that form a tighter surface than  conventional rubber wetpour, creating an absorbing  but firm surface for wheelchairs, walkers, golf buggies  and outdoor furniture, while still providing a  cushioned, highly trafficable surface.
  • Can be applied at a thinner 10mm layer, as opposed  to the usual 15mm or 20mm playground surfaces,  reducing costs while still retaining softness and grip.
  • Can be applied directly to new or old cracked  concrete or pavers without the added expense of  removing them first.
  • Poured in place application provides a seamless  finish, which can be moulded and shaped around any  substrate


  • High density, seamless product, specially designed for higher endurance.
  • Provides a cushioned, non-slip surface for areas that would otherwise be  slippery.
  • Firm enough to support wheelchairs, walkers, golf buggies, electric  scooters and outdoor furniture.
  • Available in light colours that can allow the surface to reflect heat and  remain cool.
  • Freshens and brightens up old, worn surfaces, enhancing them beyond  their original finish


Aged Care Facilities, Niteclub Entrances, Golf Clubs & Pathways


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