Turf Top Cricket Pitch Cover

Astro has manufactured a durable hard wearing long lasting cricket pitch covers with a combination of rubber and Astro Multiplay turf.

Previously, rubber covers tend to crack or start breaking down within a few years due to rubber absorbing U/V and wear & tear or when removing and installing each season.

Construction and installation of covers :

  • Each module to be either 2 metres or 4 metres in Length and width made to suit your requirements.
  • Rubber base mesh fiber made from recycled Australian tyres.
  • High quality polyurethane binder mixed at 25% not 20% as usual;
  • The Turf is designed for hockey fields. It has a double woven backing, coated in a latex rubber with a cross link green yarn, which has a high UV and tear strength resistance.
  • Turf adhered to the rubber using a two part adhesion for an extra strong bond.



Around the outside edges we have an option of a double sided commercial outdoor adhesive tape. This prevents movement and is a deterrent against theft. When removed no residue is left on the pitch.


Astro has developed a system that the individual modules can be made up to 4m long and the width of pitch as required e.g. 2.2m wide. These can be folded in half i.e. 2m x 2.2m.  The covers must be removed and stacked carefully to avoid damage.


  • The combination of rubber & turf bonded to each other produces a rubber cushioning effect.
  • The turf is the protection wear layer on top of the rubber that does not allow the rubber to stretch or absorb UV.
  • Astro’s cricket pitch covers are built for the outdoor conditions.
  • Each Pitch Unit (designated number of modules per pitch) is stored as a flat pack significantly reducing damage to the product.  Our turf products may last up to 15 years, thus, saving you money in the long term and providing quality.

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