TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanised Rubber) is the next generation of colour consistent Rubber Wetpour for use indoor and outdoor in the Sports and Play Industry.

TPV is a proven and cost effective alternative to current granulates in the market place. This product is produced from a high quality virgin polymer which has been specifically designed with the end user in mind. It also offers much better colour consistency throughout, and superior UV stability to other products currently available. It currently comes in a range of up to 16 colours and offers both architects and installers endless possibilities for creative design when planning a wetpour surface



Benefits of TPV:

  • TPV has superior UV stability compared to any other rubber granule in the market, more appropriate to the Australian climate. It will not go white or bleed like EPDM.
  • TPV offers a much better colour consistency throughout.
  • TPV is compatible with EPDM if you do want to mix up the colours. It will also seam up to EPDM.
  • Does not leach black carbon.
  • Does not contain heavy metals.
  • TPV requires less polyurethane binder than EPDM.
  • Has high elastic recovery therefore does not embrittle.
  • Non toxic or allergenic.
  • Made from a high quality virgin polymer.
  • TPV contains no moisture and is not porous like some EPDMs. This means the polyurethane cannot be absorbed by the TPV, therefore eliminating any foaming as can sometimes be experienced using EPDM.