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Astro EPDM – A Premium Soft Fall Rubber Product

Astro Synthetic Surfaces uses EPDM imported from the United Kingdom. EPDM is a rubber product that comes in a granulated form when mixed with a PU binder forms a hard wearing, bright coloured playground and wet playground surfaces. This premium EPDM is coloured throughout the entirety of the granule which ensures years of use, the product will not change colour or wear.

  • Brightest colours – Completely synthetic rubber
  • Largest colour range – 18 colours to choose from.
  • Longest lasting durability – Highest polymer content
  • Best U.V. resistance – Quality pigments with U.V bright
  • options.
  • U.V. brights are formulated with premium pigments to
  • ensure the very best U.V. resistance.
  • Consistent colours – Manufactured under ISO 9001
  • certified processes.
  • Great surface elasticity – Fully vulcanised.

EPDM is renowned for its ability to be up to 21% lower in surface temperature than other low grade pigmented surfaces. This consideration is a major factor when choosing surfacing products due to extreme weather conditions.



Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer  is a major new advancement in EPDM production with a highly technical process of cross linked monomers that are vulcanised with Peroxide curing to produce a more brightly coloured synthetic rubber that will withstand the harsh UV & extreme weather conditions of the Australian climate with little to no whitening experienced with earlier rubber elastomers such as EPMs while still retaining the tensile strength and flexibility that is typically lost in most Thermo Plastic Vulcanasates (TPV).

EPDM rubber is laboratory produced and cast into slabs then processed through a granulating and grading plant which sizes the product into 1-4mm granules and removes the granulation dust under 1mm thus giving an increased spread rate.

EPDM has the characteristics of even higher elasticity and extremely resilient performance. The pigments used in the EPDM compound were selected to provide a wide range of 19 exciting colours. Results for accelerated UV resistance are available upon request.




Used extensively in Australia for wet pouring various surfacing applications such as:



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